Our Services

Cederian Investments, LLC is a registered investment advisor that manages a spectrum of distinct investment strategies for institutions and individuals. The firm’s separately managed account offerings can be grouped into three categories. First, Cederian offers targeted portfolios managed according to typical institutional mandate constraints (Large Cap and Small/Mid (SMID) Cap; International, Global, and US). Next, Cederian offers a Meridian portfolio which selects from among the best ideas in the institutional portfolios and hedges some of this long exposure with long-term options. Finally, Cederian manages two strategic allocation portfolios, one for equity and one for fixed income, composed mostly of ETFs and closed-end funds.

Cederian occasionally receives inquiries regarding financial planning services. For private clients, Cederian performs certain informal personal financial advisory functions as part of its suitability requirements and client relationship services, but these are done incidentally and on an as-needed basis rather than as the focus of the firm. For private clients seeking a broader range of services than we offer (we do not provide estate planning, tax, insurance or similar advice), Cederian may provide referrals to external firms who specialize in those areas. Cederian’s primary objective is to employ its unique Metavaluation investment philosophy to create distinctive investment portfolios for its clients.